About Industrial Design Engineering

About Industrial Design Engineering 

Design is the process that includes all activities for the development of products which cover social requirements or demands. Design can be considered based on various aspects or views. The Department of Industrial Design Engineering covers both visual and aesthetics aspects of design (i.e. artistic side of design) and engineering aspect of design (i.e. technological, functional, manufacturability, durability sides of design). The department has an education program which integrates and applies both aspects of design (engineering and aesthetics). A design engineer graduated from such a program will consider strength and manufacturability while making very creative / innovative designs. Therefore, this kind of designers can be demanded and employed by various industrial firms.

The Department of Industrial Design Engineering has very experienced academic staffs and modern CAD / design laboratories, and provides practical work experiences in industrial firms. Thus, we provide an engineering education at high quality level. It is also possible to have degrees of BSc, MSc and PhD in the department.

The Department of Industrial Design Engineering accepts students coming from both general high schools and vocational high schools. A student coming from vocational high schools must attend an orientation education course during the first year period. The acceptance of students to the department depends on MF-4 point type of general examination. A student who is graduated from the department may have the title of Industrial Design Engineer.   


Education Period 

The education period of Technology Faculty of Gazi University, as well as its departments, is 8 semesters (4 years). After successfully completing 4 educational years, a student can have a BSc degree in the field of engineering. Education language is Turkish. Students attending the Department of Industrial Design Engineering, in addition to job training during the summer, must work at industrial organisations during a full term period. If they want, they can also do a double major program and a minor undergraduate program. It is also possible to have graduate education opportunities when they complete an undergraduate program.


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